Our mission

We specialize in air distribution systems for railway vehicles & other transportation means and provide lightweight textile air ducts and flexible fabric expansion joints.

Our passion

We want to promote a pleasant indoor climate for passengers in vehicles, improve their day and provide our customers with top-notch technology and services.

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We offer a quality solution

Based on years of experience and testing, we provide reliable fabric air duct systems for air distribution in train, tram and metro coaches and driver cabins. We can also resolve air distribution in buses, ships, aircraft, military, and other special vehicles.


Our fabric air ducting systems are particularly suited for public transport vehicles. We can design and deliver air ducts for passengers' saloons and drivers' cabins of metros, trams, and trains, but also for buses, and military and other vehicles including ships. Our fabric air ducts are the most lightweight solution on the market. Installation is extremely quick and easy in comparison to traditional metal or rigid composite air ducts. Thanks to their low weight and compactness, they save significant installation, transport and storage costs.


We provide solutions of the highest technical standard and deliver our clients support and expertise in every stage of the project. We are not mere air duct suppliers, but we also cooperate with our clients to develop specific tailor-made air conditioning solutions. We provide support in 3D modeling and making drawings. We design the airflow in the vehicle using our own software and also Fluent CFD software to ensure the best possible ventilation of the space. We test prototypes in our laboratory and measure all needed values.


The fabrics used for air ducts have to meet the highest demands with regards to quality, technology, sustainability as well as certification. We only use materials that meet these criteria, most of which have been especially developed for air distribution systems in vehicles.

  • strength and durability
  • fire resistance
  • abrasion resistance
  • easy to clean
  • antibacterial
  • EN 45545 R1 HL2 & HL3 certified


All our air duct systems are tailor-made to the customer’s precise requirements. Fabric air ducts are dimensionally adapted to spatial limitations, and we can also handle very complex shapes. Despite the limitations, we are still able to provide perfect air distribution to ensure a comfortable indoor environment for passengers.

  • uniform air distribution
  • tailor-made
  • complex shapes
  • reliable solution
  • CFD simulations
  • long service life



HQ in EU (Czechia)

30 years

of experience

EN 45545-2

certified materials

Companies we work with

You can see and experience the benefits of our solution all over the world, having delivered to major transport technology companies, as well as market-leading manufacturers of vehicles.


AirDIV Group

With over 30 years of expertise, we are one of the world's leading companies in the field of fabric air ducts for vehicles.

Our textile ducting systems have been implemented in various types of vehicles all over the world, and their reliability has been demonstrated by years of trouble-free operation in a variety of demanding conditions.

Many major transportation manufacturers use our fabric air ducts to make their vehicle air distribution systems more efficient and lightweight.

We form long-term relationships with our customers, which allows us to collaborate on the development of even-more complex air ducting systems.

Our team consists of HVAC specialists and mechanical engineers specializing in air duct systems & tailored airflow design. They are ready to create custom-made solutions for you.

➀ Heavy vehicle (too heavy air duct system)

➁ Slow and thus expensive installation of air ducts

➂ Poor and uneven air distribution in saloons and cabins

➃ High cost of complicated air duct shapes

➄ Lack of space for air ducts in the vehicle

➀ The most lightweight air ducts on the market

Textile air ducts weight less than 10 % in comparison with the weight of sheet metal ducting and also provide significant weight savings compared to composite air ducts. They can be easily handled and they represent a minimal load for vehicle structures.

➁ Fast installation

Installation of fabric air ducting in vehicles is very easy and fast. It will take you only fraction of time you would need for the assembly of rigid (metal, composite) ducting.

➂ Airflow based on given requirements

The custom-designed combination of a large number of distribution elements provides the required, usually even, flow of air through a vehicle's passenger saloons or driver's cabins.

➃ Free technical support

We offer free technical support, such as 3D CAD modeling, preparation of drawing documentation, designing of air distribution elements on the air duct, and airflow calculations.

➄ Flexibility in complex duct shapes

Textile is a suitable material for making complicated air duct shapes. We can create truly remarkable shapes while maintaining production and cost efficiency.



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