Proper Ventilation in Passenger Train Cars with Air Control Pockets

In the realm of railway vehicle engineering, the pursuit of optimal airflow distribution within passenger compartments stands as an important objective. Addressing this need, our patented fabric pockets bring innovation to ventilation dynamics within rail passenger carriages.

These textile air control pockets serve a crucial function: aligning the deflection of air emanating from air duct perforations. By ingeniously combining two airflows, this solution achieves a remarkable feat in enhancing and homogenizing air distribution throughout the vehicle saloons.

Fabric pockets are specifically designed to target areas prone to inadequate ventilation, no corner is left untouched by the revitalizing flow of air. In this article, we dive into the intricacies of this ingenious solution, exploring its design principles and the tangible benefits it brings to the realm of railway passenger comfort and safety.

PROBLEM: Deflection of air distributed through duct perforations

Due to high airflow velocities in the air duct, there may be increased airflow deflection resulting in uneven space ventilation. This reduces the comfort of passengers in passenger cars, whether it is a tram, train, or metro.
Textile Air Control Pockets in railway

SOLUTION: Textile air control pockets

This problem can be solved by strategically locating and sizing textile air control pockets along rows of perforations to provide airflow in an opposing direction to the angle of deflection from the perforations to ensure perpendicular airflow and proper space ventilation.

As velocity decreases along the length of the air duct, pocket sizes also decrease to provide optimum counter-flow to correct deflection.

Video demonstration:

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