Designed, tested and produced to meet your specific needs.

As a company specialized in air distribution in public transport vehicles, we are able to come up with a unique solution tailored to any type of vehicle. In-depth knowledge of the field of HVAC, high flexibility in design or savings in transport and installation, these are just some of the benefits of our solution. Read more about our products.

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Main air distribution system for public transport vehicles

The complex solution for the even air distribution in the wagons. The design of the whole diffuser is individual. Both hot and cold air can be distributed using one duct with more chambers. Very easy and fast to install.

Drivers cabin diffusers

Special solutions for complicated spaces. Almost any shape can be sewn - outlets, arcs, adapters, etc. The air distribution is designed according to customer needs and can also be tested in our lab.

Smaller diffusers or air ducts

Air ducts and diffusers of various cross-sections and shapes. It can be used as a connecting duct or as a diffuser for smaller spaces: buses, trams, etc. Various outlets and distribution elements can be designed.

Harmonica ducts

A wire-reinforced air duct for exposed points of the vehicle joints. It is very durable and flexible. It keeps the cross-section the same while bending. Possibility of different attachments on the sides and along the duct.

Compensators with metal flanges

Compensators of various shapes and sizes from straight ones to complicated adapters. Different types of metal flanges are possible. As for all of our products, the insulated variant is possible.

Lightweight compensators

Compensators where the connection is ensured by textile straps with a buckle. The connection can be secured with sewn-in velcro. Different shapes and sizes are possible. Various types of attachments or reinforcement for keeping the shape can be added.


up to 90 %

weight loss
compared to metal alternative

20 000+

sold worldwide

100 %

made in the EU (Hlinsko, Czechia)

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