Cost-Effective Railway HVAC Solutions: The Impact of Air Ducts


Air-conditioning systems are an essential component of modern rolling stock, whether it is trains, trams, or metros. However, installing these systems can be for railway manufacturers a complex and time-consuming task. Traditional rigid ducting is often used to distribute air throughout the vehicle. This type of ducting requires a great deal of handling and fitting, which can lead to delays and errors. Fortunately, there is a better solution that can significantly speed up and facilitate the installation of air-conditioning systems in rolling stock – textile air ducts.

Role of textile air ducts in speeding the installation and cost reductions

Textile air ducts are made of lightweight, flexible, and non-flammable fabric that is easy to handle and install. The fabric air channels are also equipped with smart fastening technology, which further speeds up installation. This combination of light weight, flexibility, and smart fastening technology greatly simplifies the handling and installation process of air ducts. As a result, textile air ducts can lead to significant savings in human and time resources. These savings, in turn, lead to substantial cost reductions for train, tram, and metro manufacturers.

Customer Testimony

One of our customers recently reported achieving up to a 90% reduction in installation time with our textile air ducts compared to traditional rigid ducting. This customer was also able to save 60% of human resources, thanks to the ease of handling and installation of the textile air ducts. These savings translated into significant cost reductions for the customer, as less time and fewer resources were needed to complete the installation process. This customer’s experience highlights the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using textile air ducts in rolling stock air-conditioning systems.

Moreover, textile air ducts offer additional benefits beyond just ease of installation. They are also very lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and provide exceptional air distribution properties. The fabric used in textile air ducts is also flame retardant and antibacterial, making it a safe and durable option for rolling stock applications.

Smart modern air duct solution

In conclusion, textile air ducts are a smart solution for rolling stock air-conditioning systems. Their light weight, flexibility, and smart fastening technology significantly speed up and facilitate the installation process, leading to great savings in human and time resources. These savings, in turn, result in significant cost reductions for train manufacturers. Furthermore, textile air ducts offer additional benefits such as ease of cleaning and lightweight, as well as flame retardancy and chemical resistance. By using textile air ducts, rolling stock operators can ensure a high-quality, efficient air-conditioning system that is both cost-effective and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your rolling stock air-conditioning system, consider using textile air ducts. At AirDIV, we offer high-quality fabric air channels that are lightweight, flexible, and equipped with smart fastening technology for easy installation. Our customers have reported significant cost savings and time reductions compared to traditional rigid ducting, making textile air ducts an excellent choice for rolling stock operators. Contact us today to learn more about how our textile air ducts can benefit your rolling stock air-conditioning system.

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