How HVAC Textile Air Ducts Reduce Transport and Storage Costs for Rolling Stock Manufacturers


In recent years, textile air ducts have gained increasing popularity in the transportation industry. They are used in various applications, including HVAC systems and ventilation in trains, trams, metros, and other vehicles. One of the primary advantages of textile air ducts is their storage capacity, which can lead to significant savings in transport and storage costs.


compactness = cost savings & emission reduction

Unlike traditional rigid ducts, textile air ducts are flexible and can be folded into a compact size for storage and transport. This feature makes them an ideal solution for manufacturers of rolling stock, where space and time are critical factors.

The use of textile air ducts allows for more efficient packaging of the product. As a folded textile air duct can fill the package space perfectly, it leads to savings in transport costs. The smaller package size means that more ducts can be transported in a single shipment, reducing the number of trips required to move the products. This results in a reduction in transport costs, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.

More space in the assembly hall

In addition to cost savings during transport, textile air ducts can also help reduce storage costs in assembly halls. Traditional rigid ducts are bulky and take up a significant amount of storage space in the assembly hall, making them challenging to handle and move around. On the other hand, textile air ducts are small, lightweight packages that are easy and quick to handle. This makes them an excellent solution for rolling stock manufacturers who need to maximize their available space.


In conclusion, textile air ducts are an excellent solution for rolling stock manufacturers looking to reduce transport and storage costs while maintaining high-quality standards. The flexible, durable, and customizable nature of textile air ducts makes them an ideal choice for various applications. By choosing textile air ducts, manufacturers can enjoy significant cost savings and increased efficiency in their assembly halls and transportation operations.

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